Hello friends! I thought it’d be a given to start this blog by introducing myself. You ought to know who’s behind all this right?

My name is Blair, I’m a recent college grad living in Chicago but dreaming of the Big Apple. I have contemplated starting a blog for quite some time now, and finally pulled the trigger after a little encouragement from my peers. I follow a lot of bloggers ranging from foodies to fashion influencers and I decided it was time to create my own space, a place where I can share everything I enjoy and am inspired by, while connecting with others.

I love all things fashion and beauty, so getting to work for a major beauty company is a blast. I enjoy traveling with family and friends and I get to travel sometimes for work too. I’m an avid runner and recently obsessed with hot yoga. Music festivals are my jam and I listen to everything from country to EDM. I like to cook and bake, although I recently discovered I have a pretty significant dairy allergy, which has led to me explore dairy-alternative recipes and a plant-based diet.

On this blog you’ll find a little adventure in everything. Whether it’s traveling somewhere new, testing recipes or trying restaurants, products I love, or music I discover, I hope you enjoy and stick around for the ride!


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