Products I Love: Food Edition

I first discovered the Purely Elizabeth brand scrolling through some of the food bloggers I follow. People were topping their smoothie bowls with the granola, eating the cereal, and just plain snacking on her products.

True Life: I’m pretty sure I sat across from Elizabeth and her team in the Raley’s lobby out in California waiting to talk to their buyers… but that happened before I knew who she was.

Anyways, her products are made with whole and organic ingredients like ancient grains, oats, and seeds, and sweetened with organic coconut oil and coconut sugar. Only select health food and grocery stores currently carry her products so I am a little late in the game. However, two weeks ago I finally decided to stop in my local Fresh Market and buy her granola. I went for the Blueberry Hemp flavor because I’m a sucker for blueberries and raced home to try it.

I put a handful in my mouth and I kid you not I said out loud, “Oh my god. Elizabeth knows what she’s doing!” This granola is the BOMB. For only having 7g of sugar per serving, this stuff is packed with flavor and crunch. It has become my new favorite snack, and I even got my parents to like it. Just pour a small bowl with some unsweetened almond milk, top it with a little fresh fruit and you are talking about one satisfying and filling snack. It’s also so diverse: you can eat it plain, put it on a smoothie bowl, over yogurt or with some milk. I now understand what all the craze is about, so go out and get some for yourself!

Here is what my typical breakfast looks like: a bowl of oatmeal topped with fresh fruit and a sprinkle of that Blueberry Hemp Granola. Hint: notice the bag is almost empty…

Purely Elizabeth Breakfast

Another product I’ve recently become obsessed with is Bai. They make all natural beverages packed with antioxidants, and very few calories. So far I have tried their Bai Bubbles line and regular Bai drinks. For having less than 1g of sugar per bottle (yes you read that right) these drinks are so flavorful! I’m not a soda drinker, but these are a great alternative when you’re looking for a little caffeine boost in the afternoon.

As for the Bubbles, I’m a fan of the Gimci Grapefruit and Jamaica Blood Orange. For the regular Bai drinks, I like the lemon and blueberry so far. I even have to add water sometimes to dilute it a little, which makes it last longer and keeps me hydrated throughout the day!


Next time you’re in the grocery store and see one of these products, give it a try and let me know what you think!


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