Tucson, AZ

Back in the first week of February, I attended my company’s National Sales Meeting in Tucson, Arizona. I’ve been to Tucson before because my grandparents used to live there, but this time I was seeing the area from a different perspective. We stayed at the Ritz Carlton at Dove Mountain, which is a beautiful resort tucked in the desert hills.


For most of the week, we were busy at the hotel for meetings and workshops, but on Thursday we had the entire afternoon open to do an activity of our choosing. We could relax at the spa, play a round of golf, go on a Jeep tour, but my work friend and I chose horseback riding!

She and I have both ridden horses growing up (but not Western!) so we were excited to get back in the saddle.  We drove out to Cocoraque Ranch and went for a two hour trail ride with a group of colleagues. We had a blast! The trail leaders and ranch owner were so nice and we all laughed and enjoyed the afternoon away from work. The weather was a bit chilly, but the sun was out so we could hardly complain after the Chicago weather we were used to…



It was a great trip. We had the opportunity to mingle and network with colleagues who work all over the country, which is key for someone like me who is just starting her career. It was also a very inspiring week getting everyone excited about our product launches for the year ahead. Hoping to get back out West again soon!


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