Homemade Granola Bars

I’m comin’ in hot with another great recipe from Ambitious Kitchen – her Chia Quinoa and Banana Granola Bars !


I conveniently had a lot of these ingredients in my pantry already and was in the mood for a granola bar (when am I not?) so I whipped up a batch of these! They were fun and easy to make. I added dried cranberries for the dried fruit part and they were a great compliment to the banana flavor. I may add dairy-free chocolate chips next time and see how that works.

I didn’t have an 8x8in pan like she suggests, but I used a regular baking pan and shaped it to fit about half way and it stayed just fine.

Wait until the mix is golden brown around the edges to take the pan out. Another tip is make sure to let it cool fully before you attempt to cut into bars.

They turned out perfectly. I brought a few bars to work to have some co-workers try them and they liked them so much I had to send them the recipe! Here is how my bars turned out… More kitchen creations to come!


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