The Round-Up

I thought I’d do a round-up post about some things I’ve been interested in lately. So here goes…

ONE / Grey’s Anatomy – I’ve always been more of a movie person than TV, but after watching the first season of Jane the Virgin (OMG so good), I wanted to start another show on Netflix. I had always heard great things about Grey’s Anatomy, so I recently decided to dive in from the beginning and let me tell you I am ADDICTED to Meredith and McDreamy’s complicated relationship. I love all the characters and the friendships among the intern group. I’m in the middle of Season 3 and I know there are a lot more to go… but it’s so great!
TWO /  I am loving Kate Spade handbags right now. The styles are always simple and chic. I was in need of a new work bag that can actually hold my laptop, so I bought this one in a blush tone. This obsession also probably has to do with the fact that I live by one of their outlet store locations so I can buy products 50% off. #dangerous
THREE / A weekly supper club?! Talk about a great way to get a fun group of people together to cook and hang out! I want to start one of these… maybe when I move to New York? I think yes.
FOUR / Not sure what a beauty blender is or how to use it? Check out this Buzzfeed article for some great tips!
FIVE / This article from The Coveteur on why we should be eating more sprouts. Who knew?

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