Last week my family celebrated my brothers’ birthdays at Sunda. We love Asian food and are always up for trying a new restaurant in downtown Chicago. This place did not disappoint.

Sunda is located in the heart of River North, with a lively atmosphere and large menu. We were instantly impressed when we walked through the doors and sat at the bar until our table was ready. We ordered drinks from their amazingly creative cocktail menu and ordered  the Tiger Shrimp Tempura as an appetizer. I couldn’t eat it, but my brothers loved it and my mom really enjoyed the candied walnuts that were in it too.

One of my brothers turned 21 so he tried some of the fancy cocktails they offer. First, he ordered the Lychee Luxury Drop with a hint of wasabi, then the Grass Tiger, which is jalapeno infused (he loves his spice can you tell?), and then when we sat down he went for the Ghost in the Shell. All very different, but he said they were great.

Unfortunately I didn’t take many pictures of the food because the lighting was dim, but you’ll just have to take my word for it that everything was delicious. One thing I made note of before coming in, was they offer a Vegan menu!! I was so excited to not have to worry about requesting my meal dairy-free etc.

Their food is served family style, so big plates that everyone should share. We ordered the Red Dragon sushi roll, Drunken Noodles, Crazy Rice, the Filet Mignon, and I ordered the Vegan Crispy Brussel Sprout salad. Everything was so flavorful and just the right amount of food for 4 of us, with a little leftover. There were so many other things on the menu that we wanted to try, but we knew that meant we just had to come back again…

I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who likes Asian food, great cocktails, and a fun atmosphere in the heart of downtown Chicago.


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