Link Life

I follow a lot of bloggers, and quite the variety as you can see from my blog roll on the right sidebar. It gives a good idea of what I’m interested in: food, fashion, celebrities, beauty, pop culture, and travel.

Here are some recent posts from a few of my favorite bloggers. Check them out!

The Coveteur // How cool is the Alison Brod PR agency office in NYC? I actually sent them my resume after college to see if they had any positions available, but I had no idea how big of a deal this place is lol

The Coveteur always has a great variety of articles to read through. Whether they’re funny or serious, fitness or fashion related, you will always find something to peak your interest.

Atlantic Pacific // I LOVE Blair Eadie. It could be because we share the same name, or that I’m obsessed with all the outfits she wears. I would never think to combine some of the pieces she wears together, and she always look flawless. #lifegoals

OhSheGlows // One of the many bakers and foodies I follow for recipe inspiration. Vegan or not, everything on her site looks delicious! I found these vegan peanut butter chocolate chip cookies that I’m going to make for a friend this week :)

WeWoreWhat // Danielle Bernstein is the epitome of cool. I follow her on Instagram and Snapchat too and she’s always doing something adventurous and fashionable. I love tapas, and NYC, so I’ll definitely have to try these spots next time I’m in town.


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