Brunch Bucket List

There are countless great restaurants in downtown Chicago that I want to try this summer, especially for brunch! I love a good outdoor patio to enjoy the sun and a few mimosas with friends. I put together a sort of brunch bucket list for spots I want to try this summer, let’s hope I make it to them all…


  1. Summer House Santa Monica – Delicious, healthy menu in a sunny and airy atmosphere.
  2. Zella – Buffet and bottomless mimosas/blood mary’s/beer? Sign me up.
  3. Meli Cafe Located in River North, they offer a huge vegan menu!
  4. The Allis at Soho Chicago – I’ve seen so many pictures of this place and the food looks incredible. I’m also dying to explore this part of town, so what better way than to start your day at brunch and walk around town?
  5. 3 Arts Club Cafe Coolest interior vibes and a simple/sophisticated menu.
  6. Hutch – I’ve walked by this spot so many times, but I just looked at their brunch menu and holy cow – $3.50 mimosas? And the food looks amazing!


Have you been to any of these restaurants for brunch or another meal? Any recommendations?


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