The MakeupGenius App

Do you like trying new products or makeup trends, but are worried about buying the wrong shade or color in case you don’t like it? Well look no further than the  L’Oreal Paris MakeupGenius App. It will literally change the way you try on makeup forever.

This app is available on iPhone and Android platforms and offers an instant makeover using real products and inspiration. You can use this technology in so many different ways:

  1. In store: Looking at the beauty wall can be pretty daunting, but with the MakeupGenius app you can choose a product, scan it, and try it on right away!
  2. At home: Fire up the app and virtually try on that new mascara or lipstick, and waste no more time at the store! You even can start a shopping cart in the app and purchase online.
  3. Complete expert looks: Instead of choosing one product at a time, you can browse red carpet looks from celebrities and makeup artists for a complete makeup transformation.

The app will virtually follow your movements so you can see how the makeup looks from any perspective. This app will totally revolutionize the way we try on and purchase makeup, and it leaves more room for fun and experimentation!


I highly suggest downloading this app if you love makeup and have some fun! Check out this tutorial from L’Oreal Paris to learn more about the Makeup Genius App.




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