Happy Doughnut Day!

Happy Friday! And happy National Doughnut Day! I’m not the biggest fan of doughnuts for breakfast, or really ever… but they’re a fun sweet treat to enjoy on s glorious summer weekend like this one in Chicago!

In honor of this “holiday” I rounded up a list of Chicago doughnut spots I’ve had my eye on to try this summer.

1. Doughnut Vault – I always see Instagram pictures of their cool blue storefront and the doughnuts look bomb. Any vegan options I wonder?



2. Firecakes Donuts – I’ve seen a few locations around the city. The interior vibe looks eclectic and I love the color scheme.



3. Stan’s Donuts and Coffee – The Lakeview location is almost always packed when I walk by, and I like staring at the shelves of donuts through the window when I walk by. I’m down to try their coffee… Anyone had it before? AND THEY HAVE A VEGAN DONUT OPTION!!!

PS This is their home page… go get your free donut today!



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