Summerfest in Milwaukee

Last week I went to Milwaukee for work and we were also able to go to Summerfest, the world’s largest music festival (!!!), for two nights and listen to some great music.

The day we got up to Wisconsin, a few coworkers and I stopped by a farmers market happening across from our hotel. They bought some homemade soap bars and bug repellant, which actually smelled so good. We also discovered this amazing vegan and soy free chocolate stand, Tabal Chocolate. They are based out of Milwaukee and just opened their first storefront! Tabal had samplings available and each one we tried was so unique and flavorful from the next. They even sell a 100% cacao bar we were able to taste as well. That has a very potent and natural flavorful since it’s straight from the cocoa bean.

We ended up buying three bars –  Bolivia 70% cacao with hints of nut and caramel, Costa Rica 70% cacao with sea salt, and the Bolivia 70% cacao with coffee. All were delicious and I’d highly recommend checking them out if you like dark chocolate, whether you are a vegan or not!

At Summerfest both nights we saw quite the range of artists perform…It was my first time going to this music festival and I couldn’t believe how big it is! Except for the main venue, all the stages are small and you’re able to get really close to the artists. The first night we saw Hunter Hayes, Milky Chance and Sir Mix-A-Lot (LOL). And yes, he did play Baby Got Back, in case you were wondering…

Night two we somehow scored tickets to see Luke Bryan at the main stage for a major discount! Before him we listened to some older bands like Harvey Scales and the Seven Sounds, and Johnny Wad. Luke Bryan was amazing and we had actual seats at the top of the amphitheater. The weather couldn’t have been better during the time we were there either… Last music festival (as of now anyway) is Lollapalooza and that’s coming up quick!

Summer, please don’t end…


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