A Little This and That

How is it already August?! Sorry for being MIA the last two weeks, life has been hectic. Between work and my move I haven’t even had time to write a blog post!

In short, here’s what I’ve been up to:

1// Got the keys and moved in to my new apartment (!!!)


2// Had my first pho experience with a friend at FUH in Lincoln Park. I’ve never had ramen or pho before and I definitely want to try some more city places when the weather gets colder. I must say though, it’s not the most graceful thing to eat. Hint Hint: go with a good friend you can slurp food with.


3// Went to the Major Lazer Lollapalooza After Show at Aragon Ballroom, which was a blast. I love the new song with Justin Bieber, Cold Water.

(Adding some new music to my August list FYI)

4// LOLLAPALOOZA was epic. I only went Saturday and that was plenty of music and dancing for me. I ran into so many random/great people and hung out with my friends from studying abroad.



See you back here soon for more Chicago adventures!


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