How to Stay Healthy on the Road

The past two months I’ve been traveling almost every week for either work or vacation…

(Milwaukee -> Green Bay -> Kansas City -> Montana -> Cleveland)

Trying to stay healthy on the road is something a lot of people struggle with. It can be difficult to keep a balanced lifestyle when you’re eating out all the time with little time to work out. So here are some tips I try to stick to when I’m traveling…


1// Eat when you’re hungry (not when you’re bored!) and stop when you’re full.

This is a big one for me especially if there are snacks around or when you’re out to eat. It can be tempting to finish that whole plate of food even if you are full half way through, but don’t!


2// Hydrate throughout the day.

Make sure to either carry a water bottle or drink a lot of water everywhere you go. This helps keep you full and energized! Most of the time when you think you’re getting hunger pangs, it’s really your body telling you you’re dehydrated. Check out all the benefits of drinking water!

water benefits


3// Exercise when you can.

I always make sure to pack sneakers and gym clothes when traveling because there almost always is a workout room at a hotel. If you’re not so lucky then take a walk for breaks throughout the day or do a routine in your room. Just get moving!



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