Dry Hop Brewers

I finally had the chance to go to Dry Hop Brewers in Lakeview to try their beer, food, and hang out with some friends this weekend. What started as just brunch with a few people turned into a great afternoon with a bigger group hanging out and drinking beers.


I walk by this place a lot and always notice the crowd, fun energy, and open air atmosphere. I’m so glad I finally got to experience it for myself! The beer was delicious – I tried the Shark Meets Hipster wheat IPA and the Spottieoppiedopolicious (what a name, am I right?) and I really liked them. I’m not a fan of hoppy beer and these were just the right amount! Next time I want to try a flight to taste their other options…

For brunch I ordered their Vegetable Reuben minus the cheese and horseradish sauce. It came with a side of fries and an interesting ketchup that seemed like a mix of tomato/pasta sauce and regular ketchup. It was delicious! My friends order the chilaquiles and the breakfast sandwich, which also looked very good.

Overall it was a fun afternoon with friends on a beautiful afternoon. The only downside to Dry Hop is they don’t have any TVs! Especially on a weekend I think that is a turn off for most people who are looking to watch football…

But I will definitely be back!


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