Playing Favorites

Everyone tends to have a list of favorite people and icons they follow on the internet and through social media. I’ve always enjoyed connecting and following people on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, but over the past year I’ve gotten really into watching YouTube videos. I thought I’d share some of the bloggers and icons I follow for inspiration, whether it’s for cooking, fashion, or lifestyle. These are just a few people I wanted to highlight, you can check out my Blog roll for a more complete look at the people and blogs I follow.

I’m curious if any of you follow these people too or anyone similar you think I would like, so let me know!



  • Bonnyrebecca
    • Vegan Australian who vlogs about recipes and food, veganism, and travel
  • Lauren Toyota/Hot for Food
    • Vegan Canadian who has her personal channel with more what I ate in a days, vlogs, etc. She and her boyfriend are behind Hot for Food: a vegan channel for recipes and fun challenges. They both have a great sense of humor and add fun to their videos.
  • Tess Begg
    • Vegan Australian who shares food, recipes, and great workout videos.



  • WeWoreWhat
    • I freaking LOVE Danielle. She is a fashion blogger and icon. Her style is so cool and edgy and she’s only a year older than me! Looking through her feed gets me motivated to move to NY and be the most fashionable version of myself.
  • RRayyme
    • LA-based fitness and foodie icon. She recently started a blog and is a new Adidas brand ambassador. I found her through the #bbg because her before and after photos are incredible!
  • Chickpea in the City
    • Chicago-based blogger who shares healthy recipes and lifestyle in the city. She’s most plant-based so I trust her for a lot of recipes and restaurant recommendations.



  • Atlantic-Pacific (Blair Eadie)
    • Other than the fact that we share the same name (and spelling) I love following her outfit blogs and what she’s up to on Instagram as well! You can always find her wearing something colorful with mix of affordable and designer pieces on the streets of NYC. Major girl crush and outfit goals right here.
  • Ambitious Kitchen
    • A recently Chicago-based recipe blogger. She shares a ton of vegan recipes, some of which I’ve tried and posted on here before, and the photography is stunning.
  • The Londoner
    • A London-based blog about fashion, food, and travel. Her photos are beautiful and make me want to travel to London asap to try so many of the restaurants she has been to. She does a fair bit of world travel as well so her NYC spots always look good too.

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