Beauty Finds

Sharing a few beauty finds and tips for your routine!

//. The Glitter Guide posted an article on the best drugstore beauty buys and I agree 100%.


//. Baby Powder

I know this is probably a well known secret in the beauty world, but using baby powder on your hair really does work. I woke up this morning with two day curls still in tact, couldn’t find any dry shampoo and resorted to the good old powder to do the trick. I started with small amounts on the roots and part line and added more in certain areas where needed. Then I brushed it through, ran my fingers through it as well and my hair looks good as (almost) new!

Use this stuff in a pinch when you don’t have a lot of time in the morning or simply want to hold on to a good hairstyle for an extra day.

Glamour posted a baby powder beauty hacks article mentioning this use and so many other surprising ways you can use it in your beauty routine!

What beauty hacks do you use?


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