London: Part 1

This year I celebrated Thanksgiving a little differently…. I flew to London to see my brother who’s studying abroad there!

London was one of my favorite cities I visited during my study abroad in college, so I was very excited to go back. I was there a little less than a week and we did all the walking, exploring, and eating you can imagine.

I want to share my adventures there in two parts – food/restaurant spots and the places we explored. Since I’ve previously been to London we passed on all the usual tourist stuff and made our own to do list for the week.

There are so many food options in this city and I was pleased to find it’s very vegetarian/vegan friendly. I didn’t take pictures at all the places we ate, but below are some of the highlights.

Have you been to any of these places?

1//. The Mae Deli: Opened by Deliciously Ella and her husband on the cutest back street by the Marble Arch. It’s a cozy place serving plant-based breakfast, lunch, and dinner deli style.


My brother and I stopped in for a quick coffee and small bite before heading out to explore for the day. We both ordered the Mae Coffee which is made with coconut milk and 2 shots of espresso (much-needed to keep the jet lag away), and we split a slice of their Blueberry and Orange cake. Everything was delicious and vegan, and my brother was surprised to enjoy it so much!


2//. Daisy Green: Another adorable cafe style place by the Marble Arch. We had an amazing brunch here that met both our meat-eater and vegan needs.

My brother ordered The Bondi, which included several meats, half an avocado, and charcoal bread (so cool)! I had the Summer Porridge, which is served cold with the most incredible presentation. It included fresh and freeze-dried fruit, seeds, and edible flowers!

I mean…. just look at that oatmeal…



3//. Busaba Eathai: To be honest, we randomly came across this Thai place when we were dying of hunger walking around. It was a great find though, let me tell you. The food was warm, tasty, and just the right portions. I ordered the Pad Thai Jay, which is vegan, and my brother ordered the Jungle Chicken curry with a side of fried rice.


4//. Yori: Authentic Korean spot we stumbled upon. I forgot to take pictures but we ordered a scallion pancake to share and then our own Bibimbap bowls! Very good and I would recommend if you like Korean food.

5//. Dishoom Carnaby: I didn’t take any pictures of the food, but I was told by several people to eat at this well-known Indian restaurant. They have a few locations  and we were not disappointed!

It was a little challenging for me to eat here, but they do provide a dairy-free menu. I ordered the vegetable samosas, a bowl of seasoned vegetables, and basmati rice. My brother ordered garlic naan bread and a chicken entrée. This is another restaurant I would highly recommend to try if you’re in London and enjoy Indian food!


Stay tuned for part 2 of our London adventures!


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