London: Part 2

Oh the places you’ll go… in London!

Alright it’s time to share part two of my adventures there – we visited so many beautiful, unique places that weren’t necessarily the usual tourist attractions.

1//. Well… Harrods is one of those, but how can you not visit and *look* at the beautiful clothes and food? Didn’t buy a thing there…



2//. Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park: We stopped at this annual carnival twice – once during the day and at night. We didn’t go on any rides but we walked around, looked at the shops for Christmas gift ideas, and sipped on some hot spiced apple cider. Tis the season!




3//. Leadenhall Market: We should’ve gone during the week since it’s in the business district and it was pretty deserted when we went on Saturday. (Also if you look it up they clearly state hours are Mon-Fri, so our bad) But it was still a beautiful place to see!



4//. Borough Market: Coolest market with an underground feel. We ate our way through here between samples and purchasing a few things. I tried Turkish coffee (recommend adding sugar to cut the bitterness), a vegan Indian crepe made with chickpeas and filled with potatoes, and different flavors of olive oil!

Food did seem to be much of the attraction to this market, but there were a few other types of vendors present as well.

5//. Camden Market: Such a cool market that keeps winding and winding up and around. There were many great food vendors, large and small shops or all kinds. Try to beat the rush a little and go in the morning.

6//. Oneill’s Irish Pub, XOYOTwo spots we went to at night that were worth mentioning. Oneill’s is several stories with a live band and a great crowd. XOYO is a night club in Shoreditch with kind of a grunge/basement vibe to it but the DJ played some great beats!

7//. Just getting lost in the streets of central London…. Seven Dials, Soho, having drinks at the Radio Rooftop and overlooking the skyline.



Well that’s all I have to share from my London trip! I hope I have the chance to visit again soon. I’d even be open to working there for a bit… Happy travels :)


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