Tips to De-Stress

This week has been ROUGH at work. Who else is with me?

There are a lot of methods to help aid stress and everyone has their own tricks. I’m big on going to the gym and sweating out frustrations, but it’s nice to switch it up occasionally.  Here are some of my tips to de-stress:

1//. Pamper time: aka YOU time. Kick back and relax. Maybe paint your nails, put on a face mask, cook a good nutritious meal, and put on a TV show! My face masks of choice right now are the L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks and this Tea Tree one from The Body Shop

2//. Work it out: at the gym or go for a walk outside for some fresh air. This is usually how I de-stress but sometimes you gotta switch it up. Yoga is one of my favorite ways to work out any stress while still moving my body on days where I don’t have much energy. The calming music and breathing techniques really do the trick.


3//. Talk it out: with a friend, parent, sibling etc. Talking through things out loud (in other words ranting/venting) helps me clear my head and it’s always nice to hear comforting words when you need it most.


Last night I chose to pamper myself a little and stayed in to do basically everything I mentioned in #1 above. It felt great. I slept well and was ready to take on the day.

What are some ways you like to de-stress?


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