Essential Oils

Y’all my bad, it’s been a minute since I’ve posted here. I’ve been traveling so much for work and forgetting to take pictures that are worth sharing!

But I did want to share something I’ve been using while in my apartment. I’ve been using an essential oils diffuser with a variety pack of oils. Do you guys know much about essential oils? There are so many ways to use them! My mom has gotten me into them because she’s shared a lot of success stories when she’s used them at home.

To stay energized, focused, and alert when I’m working at home I drop some peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree scents into my diffuser and leave it on for the whole day. Those scents are strong and make my whole studio smell nice (which isn’t hard to do seeing as it’s a studio…) When I want to relax and hit the chill button I drop some lavender in the diffuser.

pink & tropical:

Besides helping your mood, essential oils can help with colds, allergies, acne and so much more. If you’re unsure if you’d benefit from these or even use a diffuser, think of it as another nice smelling candle with secret health benefits when you inhale. Awesome stuff for you & your space:


To learn more about essential oils, click here and thank me later :)


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