A Little This & That 3.10.17

Guys, I just noticed it’s been a year since I started this thing… *gasp* time has flown! Here’s another “this & that” post with what’s been going on recently.

1//. Whole foods month: So far so good! I’ve been cutting my gluten, soy, and nut intake quite a bit and I’ve noticed I’m feeling less lethargic (among other things). The only time I’ve had trouble with this was traveling for work this week. However, I went for the healthier options when I went out to eat (like vegetable fajitas) and in the airport where I opted for a protein packed sunflower seed snack bag.


2//. Stitchfix: I received my first box last week from this personal styling service and I loved it! When you don’t have time to go shopping or can’t find what you’re looking for, Stitchfix is a great option for clothes and accessories to be shipped right to your door! You fill out a styling quiz and your assigned stylist tailors each selection based on your answers. You can have a box shipped as often or not as you’d like! I’d highly recommend at least giving this service a try :)


3//. Barry’s Bootcamp: AKA the “best workout in the world.” It’s a 1 hour class of treadmill and floor work with weights that leaves you sore and sweaty. I took a full body class last weekend with friends and they certainly don’t play around here. We were sore for DAYS and I’m talking about some girls who are already in good athletic shape… It’s a fun atmosphere with great music (which I’m all about), friendly instructors who push you to the limit, and it even has a smoothie bar in the front where you can have a protein smoothie ready to go once you’re out of class!

I’m already signed up for my next class this Sunday after all the St. Patrick’s Day festivities are over. Gotta get back to that beach bod now!

Seriously though, check out their promo video, does it not make you want to go workout right now?!



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