Tuesday Tunes.

I haven’t really talked about the music aspect of this blog except for the concerts I go to… but my close friends know how much I love my music. I listen to everything from country to pop to EDM (my fave), but I’ll admit this variety isn’t really obvious on my Music page.

I like sharing artists and songs I find and planning what shows I’m going to weeks or months in advance. I’m definitely more of a planner when it comes to shows, but I like the occasional spontaneity. I just bought a ticket to see Tritonal at PRYSM in April, and a 3 day pass to Spring Awakening in June. Music is a great outlet for me and can easily put me in a better mood for whatever I’m doing. I listen to it when I work out, walk around the city, or just getting ready for a night out on the town.

Spring Awakening

I created my Music page to keep account of my favorite songs or new finds each month, and of course to share with anyone who reads this and may be interested.  It’s also fun for me to see how long I’ve been listening to certain songs while some fall to the way side. Check it out here (or up top) and let me know your thoughts!

Recently I’m listening to a lot of: Illenium, Maren Morris’s album Hero, and some other remixes here and there.

I didn’t find much new music in March.. hoping for better luck in April! What are you all listening to?


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