My (New) Skincare Routine: Featuring Kiehl’s

I’ve recently changed the products I use in my daily skincare routine and I’m loving it! I “upgraded” to Kiehl’s skin care line when I started noticing some irritation or an allergic reaction from Garnier products… Honestly just add it to the list of things I’m allergic to :(

Anyways – Every day I cleanse and moisturize my face, and about 2-3x a week I’ll put on a face mask to help refine and minimize pores. Here’s what I’ve been using:

1//. Kiehl’s Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub

  • This cleanser contains finely ground scrub grains to remove impurities without being too rough on the skin, leaving it smooth. It doesn’t lather, but I know it’s getting the job done. I like it because it doesn’t have a harsh smell and contains real fruit extracts!


kiehls papaya.png

2//. Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleanser

  • This is another cleanser I have but haven’t used yet. Once the pineapple papaya scrub is out I’ll try this. It also will go well with the weekly face mask product I use… keep reading to find out what that is.

kiehls rare earth cleanser

3//.  Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

  • I LOVE this moisturizer. My mom introduced me to it and it’s so light and smooth! I don’t experience any irritation after applying like I did when I used the Garnier moisturizers.
  • Pro Tip: I add a few drops of Lavender and Tea Tree Oil to the bottle, which are essential oils known to help with acne and skin problems, among other things! It also makes the product smell amazing.
  • More info on benefits of Tea Tree and Lavendar Oil here


kiehls cream

4//. Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque

  • This clay mask is great, I use it about two times a week and I definitely see results. My skin is softer and pores are visibly reduced! I highly recommend this if you’re looking for a mask.


kiehls masque.png


What skin care products do you use and swear by? Let me know if you use any of these mentioned Kiehl’s products! They will be a staple in my skincare and beauty routine going forward.


September Round Up

A collection of thoughts and things worth sharing from this month. Happy Fall!

1//. Shout out to Maybelline and Makeupshayla in this Coveteur post.


2//.  Incorporate more of these foods into your diet! 15 Best Metabolism-Boosting Foods

3//.  A little career advice from Fast Company.

4//. I love Gal Meets Glam’s Fall Bucket List. I definitely want to take a cooking class and attend an outdoor fall festival. Who’s with me?


5//.  How to properly air dry your hair …

6//. Anyone else obsessed with the TV show Friends? I started watching it from the beginning on Netflix last month and I’m already in Season 6! IT’S SO GOOD.

7//. An easy vegan pesto recipe that I want to try. My roommate has been growing herbs in our apartment and our basil plant is HUGE!


The Zoo

Over Labor Day weekend, I went to Electric Zoo on Randall’s Island in NYC. My brother and two friends came into town for and we went to the Friday/Saturday shows.

The lineup was INSANE and the crowd was in high spirits the whole weekend. Literally one good artist after the next performed and had us jumping and jamming like crazy. Saturday’s show ended in a downpour, which was pretty epic with the light show and Above & Beyond headlining. We just wish we’d brought ponchos…


Friday night my favorite artists were Seven Lions, Galantis, and DJ Snake.

Saturday my favorites were Illenium, Tritonal, and Zedd.

This festival has jump-started my exploration of upcoming concerts in NYC. It doesn’t help that I live near a popular night club with an already great schedule, but I want to see Illenium and ODESZA in December! Obviously wish those were sooner, but what can ya do…

Check out my Music tab to see what I’ve been listening to lately! ODESZA, Illenium, Galantis AND Kygo have all released new music within the last few weeks, and it’s all been on repeat for me, check it out here.

Last Windy City Weekend

Ok sorry guys I’m finally posting the recap of my last weekend in Chicago. I didn’t capture everywhere we went, but here’s a few tidbits:

My last day in the office there was a little send-off celebration with vegan treats and cupcakes from Swirlz! They were delicious, and I highly recommend ordering some if you’re in Chicago. This variety box had vanilla, chocolate, and apple cinnamon flavors!

To kick off the long holiday weekend (over 4th of July), we had a group go to happy hour at Hampton Social – aka all the half off rose and pizza you can handle.

Then we had a pool day at FFC West Loop (they’re music is bumpin’)

We somehow went to both Happy Camper and Homeslice this weekend lol but only got pizza at Happy Camper. Their drinks are so good…

All in all it was a great long weekend filled with friend, food, sun, and booze.

Windy City, you are missed!


Going Out With A Bang: Wknd #1

There’s nothing like a send-off party and birthday weekend as a way to celebrate my time in Chicago and look forward to this new chapter in New York.

My friends were so amazing and threw me a going-away extravanganza a few Saturdays ago. We went to a few places on my bucket list and a few surprises as well, starting with brunch and ending at a night club (is anyone surprised?). I’d say “here are some of the highlights,” but that’s basically everything we did…

So here’s the recap of #Blairwelltour:

Brunch at Little Goat Diner – they have a secret vegan menu, and I ordered the crumpets.

Stopped for a little vino at City Winery

River Boat ride (!!!)

Dinner at Sunda, one of my favorite Chicago restaurants. They have great vegan and gluten-free options if you need them! A few of us shared the crispy brussels sprout salad, sweet potato sushi roll, tofu pad Thai, and shiitake edamame dumplings. Everything was delicious as expected.

We had drinks at the Godfrey Hotel rooftop (but it’s actually on the 4th floor.. what up with that?)

Then ended the night seeing Felix Cartel at Sound Bar (probably wouldn’t go back again but it was fun nonetheless with my gang)

I’ll share Weekend #2 adventures next, it was a great 4th of July spent in the Windy City!